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Wisconsin urgently needs an Attorney General who will…

  • Stand with Our Police to Protect All Families
  • Stop Radical Government Overreach
  • End the Silencing of Free Speech
  • Fully Uphold Our Constitutional Rights
With your vote, that’s exactly what I’ll do for you. You have my commitment.

“Ryan Owens is a man of great integrity and principles. As Attorney General, I trust him to manage the Department of Justice. He has my endorsement and my full support.”

Justice Jon P. Wilcox

Wisconsin Supreme Court (1992-2007)

“Ryan Owens is a good, family man who loves Wisconsin. He is a lawyer, a teacher, and a constitutional expert who will always defend our freedoms and the rule of law. I’m honored to support Ryan Owens for Attorney General.”

Justice Dan Kelly

Wisconsin Supreme Court (2016-2020)

“Ryan Owens is an impressive leader. From the time I first met him in Governor Tommy Thompson’s legal office to his present role as a heralded professor at UW-Madison, Ryan has stood out as someone who truly understands our system of government and knows how to make it work for all Wisconsinites. His success in running the Thompson Center is one example of his exceptional abilities. Ryan is fully committed to freedom, fairness, and the rule of law. That is why I am honored to endorse and support Ryan Owens for Attorney General.”

Justice David Prosser, Jr.

Wisconsin Supreme Court (1998-2016)

“Law enforcement needs our support. Our next attorney general must not only respect law enforcement but also stand up for them. Ryan will be that leader. He listens, builds trust, and acts decisively. He will give law enforcement, and everyone in our communities, a square deal.”

Justice Michael Gableman

Wisconsin Supreme Court (2008-2018)

“I like Ryan. He is upbeat, smart, and honest. He is a thoughtful leader who will stand up for our law enforcement and defend our liberties. Ryan Owens is the right candidate, at the right time, and I’m proud to endorse his run for Attorney General.”

Margaret Farrow

42nd Lt. Governor of Wisconsin (2001-2003)

“Ryan has a deep appreciation for the U.S. Constitution and its values. Wisconsin can count on him to fight for the principles of federalism and the rule of law. He will be a fearless leader dedicated to safety, freedom, and prosperity.”

Paul Clement

43rd Solicitor General of the United States (2005-2008)

Wisconsin's Next Attorney General, Stands Firmly with our Police

Conservative Professor and Constitutional Lawyer

Rein in Radical Washington Overreach

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