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The Attorney General We Need

Stand With Law Enforcement

Stand With Law Enforcement

Our police officers stand ready to protect, defend, and serve our communities. Ryan will give our men and women in blue the support they need to deliver justice. He will provide a legal framework to navigate criminal statutes and stop government attempts to curb our officers’ ability to fight violent crime. He supports qualified immunity for law enforcement. Ryan will work with people in communities across the state to listen to their perspectives and find common ground.

Ryan knows the first duty of government is to keep our families safe. He will ensure the law is upheld, violent criminals are fully prosecuted, and justice is achieved for every Wisconsinite.

Stand With Law Enforcement

Defend Our Constitutional Rights

The Attorney General is responsible for ensuring that the laws of Wisconsin and the founding principles of our nation are followed. As a constitutional lawyer and professor, Ryan understands the values of our founding documents and the importance of our American institutions. Those documents protect our constitutional rights and liberties.

Ryan will stand up for your rights to free speech, to freely practice religion, to keep and bear arms, to due process, and to rely on every other constitutional right currently under assault by the radical left.

Stand With Law Enforcement

End Attacks on Free Speech

The First Amendment has no exceptions for what censors consider “problematic.” Our ability to engage in political dialogue should not be held hostage to what Big Tech thinks is “offensive.” The right to peacefully voice your opinion without reprisal or recrimination is one of the fundamental freedoms in our great country. The silencing of conservative voices has gone unchecked for too long.

Ryan is determined to fight against efforts by social media companies, school administrators, and radical progressives to quell freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and freedom of speech. The ideological tyranny we have witnessed in “cancel culture” and censorship is unacceptable.

Stand With Law Enforcement

Fight for an End to Government Overreach

The pandemic has proven that our state leaders are not ones to let a crisis go to waste. As we observe more than a year since “two weeks to flatten the curve,” enough is enough. It’s time for business owners to have the freedom to earn an honest living and for our kids to get back to school.

As Attorney General, Ryan will stand with Wisconsin families and business owners against government overreach and undue restrictions.

Stand With Law Enforcement

Demand Government Accountability

Government without consent of the governed is tyranny. Our government must be held accountable to its people. As Attorney General, Ryan will stand against unjust mandates from Washington DC. Josh Kaul has proven that he will be nothing but a rubber stamp for radical progressive policies from the Biden administration.

When mandates attempt to trample our liberties or place an undue burden on our families, schools, and businesses, we need a fighter who will defend our freedoms. Ryan Owens will be that fighter.

Stand With Law Enforcement

Stand up for Educational Liberty

Years ago, our educational institutions were havens of free thought and the exploration of new ideas. Today, we cannot say the same. Ryan knows this is unacceptable. Our Attorney General must stand with the rights of students and educators to freely express their ideas under the principles of civil discourse and freedom of speech.

It’s high time for free thought to make a comeback in our classrooms. We must reopen our schools and allow our kids to have access to their teachers and face to face interactions with their peers once again.

Ryan will be a voice for educational liberty – allowing parents, students, and educators the freedom to be true to their beliefs and exercise their First Amendment rights.

Stand With Law Enforcement

Protecting Victims, Stopping Perpetrators

While working on Governor Tommy Thompson’s legal team, Ryan helped bring some of the worst criminals to justice. He helped put away heinous child predators and others who had fled Wisconsin. Ryan will stand fully with victims of crime and hold criminals accountable for their actions. While crime should never happen in the first place, we cannot allow it to go unpunished when it does.

Ryan will stand with victims to ensure swift justice and to keep dangerous criminals off the streets.

Stand With Law Enforcement

Election Integrity

Our elections must be free and fair. They must be secure and accessible. Ryan believes strong ballot security measures ensure the basic principle of one person, one vote. Americans expect and deserve this assurance because the integrity of the vote is non-negotiable.

Ryan will fight to protect a federal takeover of our elections by Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi, who are not interested in election integrity, only blatant power grabs.